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About us

About Arriva

Founded in 2006, the Arriva brand has managed to win numerous, loyal customers in a short time.

And this is not accidental but the result of dedicated work, basic principles in its creation, and last but not least care and love, with which the team expresses its attitude to its customers.

Namely, the main and strictly observed principles underlying the wide portfolio of Arriva products are:

Precise selection of raw materials for the production of our products, as well as business partners who help us with their production.

Optimal quality / price ratio

For the Arriva team

We at Arriva strive not just to maintain the quality of our products as you know them, but to strive to be better every day than yesterday.

Large portfolio to satisfy even the most demanding users,

consisting of product groups that meet the traditional Bulgarian taste and those that meet the needs of modern young people.

Last but not least, we at Arriva believe that it is very important to listen to your opinions and wishes.